3 Steps to Raising Your Energetic Vibration For Healing

Energy affects everything in our lives, right? And today, I'm not talking about the amount of physical energy you have exactly,

I'm talking about a different type of energy.

I'm talking the energy that we ALL ARE. Everything in life is ENERGY. The plants, animals, rocks..

This is SCIENCE, not woo-woo stuff. This energy is like a vibration.

Energy affects everything just as our energy or vibration affects everything around us and what we experience in our lives.

Why am I mentioning this? Well because the energy that you put out in the world, comes back to you.

Even wonder why when things are going bad, they seem to get worse for awhile before they get better? Or what about that clique about things happening in threes?

Think about it another way, if you’re going on a first date to meet your dream partner, you would want to bring a high vibration and energy into the date, right?

So if you want to recover or experience any transformation in your life, in this case your health you have to be able to change your energy or vibration to match the health you desire. Make sense?

Your vibration is your greatest source of power.

When we function from a place of doubt and fear (a low energetic vibration) the same low energy we put out will come back to us (not to mention this low energetic vibration will also pollute our mind and our body). But don’t worry because....

Today I'm sharing 3 steps that make it easy to adjust and raise your energy or vibration to shift the state of your health and finally have the health you desire. If you practice this you will not only feel better, you will start to see positive things happening in your body and in every area of your life.

So let’s do this...


The first part is to begin to become aware of when your vibration is low. Usually it’s when you have negative thoughts and feelings that come like fear, doubt, anger and sadness.

Most likely if you have adrenal fatigue it’s safe to say you have some negative thoughts and feelings about your health and your body, that often lead to a low vibration. You might feel like changing this area of your life has been hard.

Can you see how the thoughts and feelings you have about your health (that are at a low frequency) could be perpetuating your situation?

This leads me to step 2 to raise your vibration. Once you become aware in the moment of your low vibration.


Most often comes after we become aware is (we as humans) immediately JUDGE ourselves or the situation, but guess what? The judgement is what keeps us stuck there and doesn’t allow anything to change. Isn’t that interesting?

So instead of judge just be thankful for your new level of self-awareness. If you acknowledge it without judgement you can easily change it.

The another thing we all tend to do is push the feelings away because they are uncomfortable, which you can probably guess isn’t a good solution either.

What if you didn’t judge yourself and instead you just reacted like this...

Oh, that’s an interesting awareness, I’m having these thoughts and I’m making conclusions about my recovery based on the past and my vibration is very low. I know now that this low vibration is not supporting my healing. So I’d like to choose to raise my vibration.

This honoring of what’s coming up without judgement is so powerful, my friend.

So, here’s what you need to do next to raise your vibration...


Asking a question or repeating an affirmation is like sending a wish out into the universe, the higher power, spirit….asking for support. What does this do exactly? This is actually so important, so really get this.

The question or affirmation acts as a pattern interrupt for the brain to stop going down the rabbit hole of thoughts you go down every single day (most likely). You know what I mean right? And even more key is to...

When you’re asking the question or affirmation you MUST (for it to work) tap into the energy or frequency of what you want to create (like what would it actually feel like in your body to have great health, 50% more energy, a calm, peaceful mind?). Thinking of those things you want and tapping into that high frequency, will raise your vibration, no doubt (if you’re willing to receive it).

When I say ask a question, these aren’t “Why me?” questions. These are typically conclusions and have a very low vibration attached. Here are a few examples of questions that will immediately raise your vibration and create new possibilities…

“What would it take for me to heal my body and have great health?”
“What choice do I need to make today that will lead to my healing right away?”

Or if you like affirmations instead you can say....

“Each day I’m getting closer and closer to my recovery.”

“I know my recovery is right around the corner.”

“I’m so grateful for the amazing healing that is coming to me this year.”

Whichever question or affirmation gives you chills or makes you feel lighter, that’s the one you should go with.

And my love, here’s a bonus tip if you need a bit more something to raise your vibration.


When you become aware that you’re in a low vibration state consider changing your physical environment.

Go outside for 5-10 minutes to soak up the sun or take a walk. Even a few minutes can make a world a difference.

If you have to stay home, put on some pleasing music, rub on or diffuse an essential oil that lifts your mood. Some of my favorites are Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint and Frankincense.  

So there you go, 4 steps to raise your energy or vibration.

Any questions? Did reading this blog spark something for you? What came up, I’m open to it all. Please feel free to comment below.