Overcoming Productivity Guilt

Every day, we are bombarded by information and advice on how to make our lives better.

Do this.

Don’t do that.

Eat this.

Don’t eat that.

… the list goes on and on…and on!

If you are a part of our Adrenal Fatigue Community, when you wake up, you probably feel pretty tired. We know mornings can be a great time to kick off momentum and power to our day, but it can be hard to take advantage of mornings when you don’t feel well or can’t seem to wake up with vigor like you used to be able to.

We know you have a lot going on.

You have work to do, places to be, a family (maybe some furry friends) to care for and things you want to accomplish. For many, time may feel like it flies by in a flash and our to do lists seem ever endless.

You have dreams that are falling to the wayside.

Many of the people we work with in our Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Revolution are TYPE A. They are driven, hard working people who have burnt themselves out trying to “do it all” and pushing themselves past the comfortable capability of their bodies.

HYAF Relax

I used to struggle with this a lot myself.. and deep down, I still have this tendency to push myself inside of me, but like those individuals in our program — it all comes down to retraining ourselves to find better balance in our lives— staying productive— but staying productive within our means.

Many of us, are ADDICTED to getting stuff done... and many of us, are addicted to social media that is constantly reminding us of all the things we SHOULD be getting done.The combination easily leads to a feeling that we call “productivity guilt” which is a relentless feeling of not doing enough or not functioning at an optimal level.

When we live this way, nothing is enough and we can slip into a space where we constantly feel overwhelmed by the pressures we put on ourselves. When we live this way, how can we expect to feel at ease? We are setting ourselves up for chronic anxiety and hurrying ourselves along the path to burnout.

It can be hard to change this habit, but trust me, if you can relate— you have to.
You OWE it to yourself to get control of the pressures you put on yourself and to allow yourself to BE ENOUGH and TO REST. (hugs).

Here are 5 helpful tips on how to release productivity guilt:


    • Remember, all those people with “perfect”lives, families and businesses are only sharing their “highlight reel” with the world.

    • Download an app like “rescue time” to help control how much time you expose yourself to social media like this in the first place.


    • Not every day is going to be perfect, but every new day is an opportunity to start again.




      • ^ Say it out loud..and BELIEVE it, baby!


    • I’m a big fan of writing down my daily goals and love the sounds of my white board marker squeaking as I cross goals off as I accomplish them.

    • Take time to acknowledge your accomplishments and time to appreciate the effort that went into them.

You’ve got this!

If you need some help getting things under control and a community to do it with, click here!

xo Danielle