5 Simple Ways to Love Up Your Adrenals Daily

When we are stressed and operating from a place of chaos, it can be easy to neglect self-care.

In fact, many of the clients we work with and the people we talk to in our Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Community are the type who put everyone else’s needs before their own.

Overtime, this is part of the problem that leads to Adrenal Fatigue and the cascade of symptoms that go along with it— in a nutshell— being high strung, exhausted and straight up BURNT-OUT.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, diet and supplements can support you but if you don’t address your nervous system and the lifestyle that burnt you out in the first place, you will be stuck “supporting” your adrenals forever as you try to recover but never quite get there.

Supplements are easy…especially when working with a qualified practitioner who can help you pick ones that will help you streamline your goals.

Diet is a bit more challenging because it takes work and it takes a commitment to choosing better, and sticking with it. Click here if you need help getting your nutrition on point.

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Lifestyle is the tough part. Changing habits that we’ve had most of our lives is NOT easy. This is often the work that we sometimes KNOW we should be doing, but RESIST because it is hard work.

Today we want to share 5 simple lifestyle tips you can incorporate into your regular routine to help you support your adrenals and manage day-to-day stress on an ongoing basis.

5 Simple Ways to Love Up Your Adrenals + Help You Manage Stress Daily

  1. Start your day with warm, salted lemon water

    Upon rising, pour yourself a 8oz glass of tepid water with a sprinkle of quality salt and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Re-hydrate, re-mineralize and invigorate all in one go.
    Click here to check out our other adrenal loving morning cocktails.

  2. Stay organized by prioritizing + staying focused on one thing at a time

    When you are in control of your tasks you can control your time. When you control your time, you reduce one of the biggest stressors we tend to face on a daily basis.
    Click here to learn how to manage your day like a champ.

  3. Prepare healthy snacks and keep them on hand

    When you have healthy snacks that are ready to go, you’ll eat heathy snacks.
    When you eat healthy snacks WHEN you need them, you’ll be supporting your blood sugar and supporting healthy hormonal response throughout the day while providing quality nutrition that will actually ENERGIZE and FUEL your body (and not the opposite).

  4. Spend 10 quiet minutes alone to focus on calming down your nervous system

    We need to escape the noise and the chaos of our lives, at least for a little, every day.
    Part of the problem with the miscommunication between our brain and our adrenals that leads to adrenal fatigue is the fact that our brain is constantly feeling threatened by stress. We need to take time to let our body know that it’s safe and allow ourselves to BE calm— and then hopefully take those calm vibes with us into our day.

  5. Commit to doing ONE thing that brings you joy and pleasure every day

    It’s incredible how when we get into the thick of things, we can forget about the things that we love to do.. the things that help FILL our cup back up. Make a list of the things you love to do (in all shapes and form, without judgment) and commit to making time to do something from that list every day. TIP: Make it part of #2.

We know you’re tired, both physically and mentally.

We know you’re tried of being held back by adrenal fatigue and your hormonal issues, tired of missing out the fun in life.

We know they are incredibly frustrating, but THIS does not need to be your new STANDARD OF LIFE. NO WAY!
YOU’VE GOT THIS IN YOU, we believe that 100%.

If you need a community, resources and accountability— we’ve got you and we’re here to help you turn this around once and for all. Learn more here.

xo Danielle