Hello! I'm Dr. Effy Germanis.

Naturopathic DOCTOR

I recognize that the individual — body, mind, spirit — knows its own healing pathways, and I develop therapeutic programs for the individual that are designed to collaborate with natural healing.

I completed my Honours Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and Biomedical Ethics from the University of Toronto in 2008. I then furthered my studies at Bastyr University and completed the four-year doctorate program in 2012. 

I am trained as primary care physician. I focus on treating you as a whole person (not only your symptoms) and I use natural methods to treat in the least invasive, yet most effective, manner possible.

I am trained to see patients of all ages and most conditions and experienced in specialties such as pediatrics, acupuncture, Chinese medicine and more.

I emphasize education, prevention, and holistic treatment. If your condition requires an outside specialist I will refer you to one, and provide supportive care of the whole person while you are being treated by conventional targeted therapies.

I work with you to diagnose the underlying causes of disease, and restore optimal health.

I welcome the opportunity to join you on your journey toward vibrant health.


Favourite Quote: 

"Take care of your body. Its the only place you have to live in"