Chaos 2 Calm Meditation Album

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album cover 1.jpg

Chaos 2 Calm Meditation Album


Ready to get relief from your symptoms and feel alive?

Ready to experience the miracle of healing?

Ready for your anxiety to melt away?

Ready to be the most relaxed and blissed-out person you know?

Then, I made Chaos to Calm Meditation Album just for you! With meditations to help you feel alive in the morning and evening meditations to help you wind-down and get the sleep of your dreams. 

See, I've been where you're at; exhausted, stressed-out, in pain and hopeless. That was me just a few years ago.  

During my recovery journey, I learned many powerful tools to transform my health and my life. And now after a decade of experience and success as a yoga teacher, meditation teacher, and health counselor, I have the expertise and skills to teach you how to use these same powerful tools. 

This album will help you:

  • Clear away all your blocks to recovery
  • Retrain your thoughts and energy to attract the health you've always dreamed of
  • Become a magnet for healing miracles
  • Find a routine that relieves your stress and anxiety and brings you calm all so you can live your happiest, healthiest life.

 So if you're ready to break the cycles that are keeping you stuck in this adrenal fatigue cycle and heal once and for all, this album is for you!

    Self-care and mindfulness practices like meditation are key to recovering from stress-induced conditions like adrenal fatigue FOR GOOD. 

    This album is completely downloadable on your computer or hand held device. This CD is an invaluable tool and you can listen to it anytime; in the car on the way to work, as you fall asleep,... for a guaranteed greater success with your recovery.


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