Recovery Power Hour Intensive


Recovery Power Hour Intensive



Are you overwhelmed with all the information and advice you’re getting out there for adrenal fatigue recovery? Confused on what to do next or where to start?

You’re in the right place!

This 60-Minute Private Intensive is just what you need to get all the clarity, support and guidance you need to get on the right path to adrenal fatigue recovery. Let us help you get on the right track to healing your adrenal fatigue and with less overwhelm and anxiety. After this intensive you will feel calm, supported, confident about your next steps and inspired to take action on them.

Your first appointment is designed to create a sense of comfort and safety for you to express your thoughts and feelings as well as help us understand the challenges you are facing.  Even though each first session varies, be prepared to spend time discussing your issue and symptoms in-depth.  Know that you will be heard and respected.

What this intensive includes:

Prior to the coaching call, your coach will review your wellness questionnaire thoroughly, so there is no time wasted on the call with this background information and we can jump right into getting you the support and guidance you need.

DURING THIS INTENSIVE one of our licensed health coaches who specialize in adrenal fatigue recovery will:

1. Identify the foods, lifestyle habits and other blocks that are standing in your way of healing your adrenals

2. Tell you the keys components you need to boost your energy & metabolism, balance your moods and kick-start your adrenals

3. Help you create a personalized plan of action including diet recommendations, safe exercise, healthy coping strategies, basic education on supplements and other testing and procedures available

4. Give you EASY ways to apply these steps into your daily life

This 60-minute healing intensive is exactly what you need to get all your questions answered and to create a healing roadmap, tailored just for you. You will walk away feeling 100% supported and inspired.


We will leave you with a handful of tools, a simple and straightforward plan and lots of motivation so you can start getting results right away.


  • 60 minutes of one-on-one support from experts
  • Customized recommendations for healing (strategies, herbs, supplements, nutrition, lifestyle)
  • A plan you can instantly put into action to get results
  • 2 Weeks of accountability check-ins (via email) post intensive (to keep you on track)

The world needs YOU, the fullest expression of YOU, but first, you need to stop struggling with this condition and get your energy back.

This is the answer to what you’ve been looking for. It all begins HERE!

This intensive is right for you if:

  • You are tired of feeling exhausted and burn out
  • You're confused on what to do next
  • You're ready for guidance from experts who know what you’re going through


No matter how long you have been suffering from adrenal fatigue (or other hormonal conditions), there is HOPE and there are answers. We know we can help you find both.

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