Welcome to the HYAF Adrenal Recovery Revolution! 


Please begin by watching these videos:

After watching the videos, read through the following:

Step 2:

Please download the recovery vision creation guide below and complete it with focused energy.


About the Recovery Revolution System:

The ARR Recovery System revolves around the 4 Pillars of Adrenal Recovery listed below.
To help keep things simple and clear for you, we have provided a Recovery Roadmap to help you integrate the materials from each pillar. This means you won’t have to think about what to do first or from what section. We’ve mapped out all your action steps for you— now you just have to download phase 1 and start following the instructions!

The ARR Recovery Roadmap

Each roadmap offers simplified action steps to help streamline your recovery efforts and keep you headed in the right direction. The different phases build off one another.

The 4 Pillars

OUr Recovery SYSTEM is based on these 4 supportive pillars of adrenal recovery:

Feel free to visit the pages below to gain access to tools, education and resources to help support you while you work through The Roadmap.