Make 2016 The Year!

Are you ready to get your ENERGY and your LIFE back!

Then you are in the right place!

In this 8-week live mentor-ship program you will get all the tools, support and guidance you need to overcome your adrenal fatigue for good so you can get your energy and your life back.

We will personally walk you through our 7-Step Healing System. These are the exact steps we used to create outstanding health for ourselves and hundreds of adrenal fatigue sufferers.




Why Our System Works…


We have been in your shoes. We know how you feel. We have also suffered the devastating effects of adrenal fatigue.


That is where personal experience and healing meets expertise. As a Certified Health Coach and Naturopathic Doctor team, we know what it takes to create REAL lasting health in people’s lives who suffer from adrenal fatigue and related conditions.


We know that to heal adrenal fatigue for good one cannot address the body alone. It takes changes in your lifestyle, your mental focus and the belief in yourself and the power of healing.


We approach healing in a holistic way addressing body, mind and spirit.


We have created a proven step-by-step formula based off our success and success of our clients.


We customize this formula to fit your lifestyle, no cookie cutter program here.


The Problem “From Fatigued 2 Fabulous In Just 8 Weeks" Solves…

  • Being overwhelmed because you’re sick of feeling so terrible and you don’t know what to do next
  • The frustration you feel because no one understands what you are going through?
  • Feeling unsure if you will ever be well again
  • The confusion about what to eat and the worry that comes with each meal and how your body will react
  • Worrying how you will fulfill your responsibilities with no energy
  • Feeling guilty because you feel you are failing your partner or your children
  • Questioning your ability to make the changes you know you need to make
  • Disappointment you have because you are listening to all kinds of advice that sounds great, but it’s not adding up to better health and elevated energy
  • Fear of putting your career and dreams on hold or give them up entirely because you have never been guided through a proven and comprehensive system
  • Frustration you feel because you feel you have tried everything and nothing has worked
  • The hopeless feeling that you just have to deal with this the rest of your life, it’s inevitable
  • The worry that working with another expert will be a waste of your time, money and efforts


Week: 1 Honor Your Inner Self

We walk you through our signature process, "The Anatomy of a Powerful Healing Vision”. This process takes out all the guesswork in creating your very own powerful, healing vision that is 100% authentic and highly effective. This is the foundation for your healing journey and will help you stay on track when life gets rough. By implementing this process, it’s the difference between healing in a year from now to healing in just a few months. You will begin to see that great health is just around the corner and your body will start to respond positively. You will see results almost instantly and will be well on your way to overcoming adrenal fatigue for good.

Week: 2 Nourish Your Body

We walk you step-by-step through our adrenal healing diet. You’ll learn the critical foods, vitamins, and minerals that your adrenals require for healthy functioning. By implementing our adrenal healing diet, you will instantly improve your digestion and start repairing your gut, which will allow you to absorb all the nutrients you are consuming. This means your body will finally be nourished. Once your body is fully nourished, it will produce more energy, your immune system will become a powerhouse, and best of all your hormones will begin to balance out and all of this will allow your adrenals to heal much faster.

Week 3: Eliminate Obstacles to Wellness

You will get super clear on what is keeping you stuck in suffering as we take you through our “Healing Block Eradicator” Process. You’ll master strategies to eliminate these obstacles for good. We will identify what is draining your adrenals – whether it be parasites, candida, thyroid imbalance, or sluggish detox systems. You will learn the biggest mistakes people make that continue to fatigue their adrenals and how to avoid them. We will walk you through how to re-wire negative thought patterns that have kept you stuck for decades.

Week 4: Rest For Recovery

We’ll walk you through our “Revitalizing Sleep Process”. You’ll learn new strategies for how to get the sleep of your dreams. You will begin to experience deeper and more restful sleep, which will allow you to wake up rested and excited for the day ahead. This will allow for deeper healing on all levels so you’ll have enough energy each day to focus on what and who you love.

Week 5: Build Your Healing Protocol

After completing the comprehensive salivary adrenal test kit that you’ll get from us in the mail, you’ll finally have a concrete understanding of your adrenal health status. Using this knowledge, you’ll have the chance to partner one-on-one with Dr. Holly, to create a customized protocol that’s right for your unique biochemistry. You will also have the opportunity to get all your questions answered directly. Implementing your customized protocol will yield results that are leaps and bounds better than just guessing what might work. Within days of starting this protocol, you’ll remember what it feels like to feel strong and resilient. You can do this all from the convenience of your own home. You don’t have to worry about the logistic of having to miss work or drive to an appointment.[/mk_fancy_title][/vc_column][/mk_page_section][mk_page_section layout_structure="full" border_color="" bg_color="#02bccf" bg_image="" predefined_bg="" attachment="scroll" bg_position="left top" bg_repeat="repeat" bg_stretch="false" enable_3d="false" speed_factor="0.3" bg_video="no" video_source="self" mp4="" webm="" ogv="" poster_image="" stream_host_website="youtube" stream_video_id="" video_mask="false" bg_gradient="false" video_color_mask="" gr_end="#1e73be" video_opacity="0.6" top_shadow="false" section_layout="full" min_height="0" full_width="false" full_height="false" intro_effect="false" padding_top="30" padding_bottom="30" margin_bottom="0" skip_arrow="false" skip_arrow_skin="light" section_id="" visibility="" animation="" el_class="" first_page="false" last_page="false" sidebar="sidebar-1"][vc_column border_color="" visibility="" width="1/1"][mk_fancy_title tag_name="h2" style="false" color="#ffffff" size="40" font_weight="bold" font_style="inhert" txt_transform="none" letter_spacing="0" margin_top="10" margin_bottom="10" font_family="Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif" font_type="safefont" align="center"]

Week 6: Exercise Healing Movement

We will take you through “The Energizer Body” process. In this process, we will help you identify what types of exercise and movement are best for the particular stage of adrenal fatigue you are in, and also take into consideration other conditions you might be dealing with before creating a customized plan of action. We will help you cater this plan to your lifestyle and make the time in your schedule each week to implement this new plan. By doing through "The Energizer Body" process you will finally know what your body really needs. Your lymphatic system and nervous system will start working in your favor which will also help you absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals from all the foods and supplements you are working so hard to give your body and spending your hard earned money on. You will feel more rejuvenated and all of this will allow your adrenals to have a much needed break and heal much faster than normal.

Week 7: Cultivate Mindfulness


In our "Chaos to Calm" Process, you will discover how to have more awareness, be more attune to the present moment, and have a healthier relationship with stress. Once you have a better relationship to stress, you will feel more connected to yourself and to everyone around you. As a result, you will learn to slow down your monkey mind and feel more grounded and calm on a daily basis. This will allow your nervous system and your adrenals to repair and heal faster too. Even better, you will start to feel more joy in your day.

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$597 $497


It Can Be Overwhelming...

You have so many responsibilities in your day, but you are running on fumes.  It can be hard to make time to slow down and take care of you. It’s stressful… not knowing if you will have the energy and feel well enough to get through it all, having people depending on you, feeling the pressure of time… it can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.


It’s hard to focus on your health and healing when it's hard to get out of bed. You know in your heart, it shouldn’t be this hard, but where are you going wrong? (something seems to be missing).


It’s frusterating because you have big dreams. And yet getting through the day is hard enough must less thinking about your dreams.


You Get Really Close…


You get really close to managing your time and energy, to eating just right for your body, to taking care of yourself, to slowing down and then something happens and you fall back into old patterns of self-doubt, sabotage and fear.


When you take an honest look inside, you don’t know what to do to get back on the right track. Everything you’ve tried, just doesn’t seems to be working.


You secretly fear if something doesn’t turn around (and FAST), it’s going to get worse.

You’re Fed Up...

You’re frusterated, overwhelmed, hopeless…and you’re fed up! You’re seen many doctors, you have spent many hours reading blogs, in facebook groups, hundred of thousands of dollars on tests, medications or supplements trying to figure it out, but you aren’t any closer to where you want to be.


You feel frustrated and hopeless that there is no answers and there is no way out of this.


We Are Sick and Tired Too…

We feel the same way. We are sick and tired of seeing smart, outgoing, spirit, talented individuals suffering from adrenal fatigue and not having the health they deserve. We are tired of seeing individuals lose their zest for life. We are tired of seeing those suffering from adrenal fatigue so unhappy and hopeless, feeling like they will never get better.


We know plenty of people who have seen doctor after doctor after health expert and still haven’t gotten REAL results. We think that’s ridiculous!

What Makes Our Program Different?…

You might be thinking, is this program really going to help me. What makes this program different and why should I do it? To be completely transparent, We promised ourselves if we were going to create a program, it was going to be special and unique and not a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter type program.


We promised ourselves we would give smart and motivated individuals suffering from adrenal fatigue exactly what they needed so they can finally be pain and symptom-free, make their health a priority, have confidence in their bodies again and have enough energy to do what matters most.


This Program is about giving you the insider secrets on how to get from feeling run down, hopeless, like you’re drowning on a daily basis to a place where you are experiencing great health, high-energy, where you feel strong and confident and feel truly happy with your life.


You are getting a collaboration between 2 fatigue experts - a doctor to help with the physical side of adrenal fatigue and a behavioral coach to help you make your hard work and efforts really stick.


It includes an adrenal saliva test kit sent directly to you, professional lab assessment, a consultation with a Naturopathic Doctor, and a personalized treatment plan.


We will help you make a clear commitment to yourself and your healing, find the areas for improvement, identify and release the blocks standing in your way, show you how to make the necessary lifestyle changes for healing, and be there to keep you focused and feel supported when things get hard.

Why We Care?...


Because we were once in your shoes just a few years ago, desperate to find answers, to figure out what was going on…


Feeling as though we were barely surviving, just barely making it through the day


Now looking back at our own health crisis and healing journey and where we have been


When our clients come to us and tell us how…

they wake up feeling rested...

their energy doubled by the 4th session…

or how they now have enough energy for their family

or they are now connecting more deeply with their husband

or how they have never had someone really listen and understand what they are going through...


That feeling is like nothing else we have ever felt before

And we know we are doing exactly what we are meant to be doing.

Here’s What You Get From This Program:

Exclusive Access To The Only Program Of This Kind


Guidance from experts in Adrenal Fatigue Recovery who genuinely know what you are going through


Adrenal Stress Index (ASI) Testing to Evaluate Your Cortisol And DHEA Levels (Saliva Collection Kit Mailed Directly To Your Home)


8 Weeks of Coaching, Guidance Support, and Accountability


Naturopathic Medical Interpretation of Your ASI Via A Private Consultation Call with Dr. Holly


A Personalized Healing Protocol Based on Your Unique Symptoms and ASI Results


Up-to-date Info On The Best Foods, Herbs, and Nutrients to Nourish Your Adrenals


Email Access Between Weekly Sessions


Done-For-You and Customized Shopping Guides and Food Plans


BONUS Private 1-on-1 Strategy Session with Angela


BONUS MP3s (Meditations, Visualizations, Healing Affirmations Audios)


BONUS Info Sheets and Checklists


Insider secrets… what you must do every day to manage your energy

You Have Our Support...

You don’t have to feel alone and powerless anymore…you can get the support you need. You can have your energy and your life back. You can live your dreams. You can be fulfilled knowing that you have taken responsibility for your health and your life. You can connect with other people going through similar struggles.

What you need is real support, the type that is long lasting and will make a difference. We will show you how to create more choice and freedom in your life that you can use now and throughout your life time.

Once you know how to manage your energy you can use these tools for years to come.

Once you have all the energy you desire you will feel your life beginning to flow with ease.



Imagine what your life would be like if you were symptom and pain-free and had all the time AND energy to do the things you loved…


You’re experiencing great health. You’re happy and fulfilled.


Being able to do what you always wanted to, but never had the time or energy to do?


Travel. Learn a language. Take your kids on more adventure. Learn an instrument. Deepening your relationships. Or just have more time to cozy up with a cup of tea and a good book.


What would you do with your new found health, high-energy and more happiness?

This Program Is For You If…


You're ready to get your energy and your life back


You're ready to be symptom and pain-free


You're sick of struggling


You're sick of guessing what to do next and you're looking for a proven step-by-step system


You want to heal your adrenals naturally


You're sick of doing this all alone


You want a holistic and comprehensive healing system

This Program Is NOT For You If…

You are looking for a cookie-cutter program.


You are not ready to fully commit to yourself.


You are looking strictly for a medical approach to healing.


You aren’t ready to work on all parts of yourself.

In This Program You Will Create:


A protocol that is right for only your body so you can improve digestion and gut health in order to finally absorb nutrients, which will nourish your body and support adrenal healing


All the energy you need to fulfill your responsibilities


Increased metabolism so all your weight loss efforts equal results


A better night's sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed each day


Renewed Immunity (You Don't Have to Feel Sick All the Time)


The Energy You Need So You Can Get Back to Doing What You Love


A Renewed Sense of Confidence In Your Body


Mental Clarity To Feel Relaxed, Calm and Grounded Even on the Busiest of Days


A Strong Foundation For Lasting Adrenal Wellness and Overall Health


Customized Food Plans that Allow Your Body To Thrive


A Customized Sleep Protocol for Healing


A Deeper Awareness of Thoughts and Behaviors That Are Keeping You Stuck and Learn How to Shift Them


A Box of Tools to Help You Get More Done, in Less Time and With Less Stress


A Positive Relationship With Stress


New-Found Energy in Your Body


Daily Self Care Plans



You Can Do This. We Believe In You!



It’s time to stop struggling.


You can do this. You can have a better life.


We believe in YOU!


Say yes, yes to yourself!


Fully committed 100% to your health and a better quality of your life?

Great health is possible for you.


Trust yourself! When you are ready to transform your mentor shows up.


There is a reason you are with us today.


Join Us!


4 payments of




One payment of


$597  $497