The Truth About Salt and Treating Adrenal Fatigue

Salt, for the most part, has a pretty bad rap. That's because many of us are misinformed or under-informed when it comes to salt. And many of us have been using the wrong kind of salt for most of our lives. I hope to clear up some common confusion and misconceptions about salt because you need to understand that not all salt is equal and that the right kind of salt is beneficial in treating adrenal fatigue.

I want you to take advantage of what has the potential to be a cheapest and powerful natural remedy out there for treating adrenal fatigue.

Good salt has the power to improve your digestion, hydrate your body, cleanse your GI tract and fix your mineral deficiency. Learn more about these benefits HERE.

And please note**If you have high blood pressure or history of high blood pressure, or kidney disease please consult your doctor or health practitioner before trying this remedy.

As I mentioned, not all salt is not created equal…

…Or let me rephrase that: all salt is not the same or processed the same.

What is Salt, Really?

When most people think about salt they think of high blood pressure and that they need to limit salt for health reasons.  But what is it exactly? Salt is a crystalline mineral made up of two elements, sodium and chloride. Both of these elements are essential for human life.

We are going to look more closely at 2 varieties of salt, Himalayan Salt and table salt.  Even though sea salt and table salt have the same amount of sodium chloride (about 98%), it’s the other 2% that makes the difference. It’s important that you understand the difference before we go any further.

Himalayan salt is unprocessed and made by evaporating seawater. The other 2% of sea salt is made up of trace minerals and electrolytes essential for optimal health such as calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium.

On the other hand, table salt or common salt is processed by being dried at more than 1,200° Fahrenheit. This process removes all the beneficial trace elements, and replaces them with additives such as anti-caking agents and often sugar! This means that table salt has very little, if any nutritional value. This is why salt gets a bad rap.

But as I mentioned, all salt is not created equally beneficial, and the 2% of trace minerals and electrolytes found in Himalayan salt can have a very real impact on your health.

So What Exactly Makes Himalayan Salt So Great?

Biochemist Graham Ryan explains the science behind the value of Himalayan sea salt: “It supplies an astonishing 83 unique trace minerals.  There are 21 trace minerals that are widely agreed upon to be necessary for the body's metabolic processes.  Most biochemists agree that there are very likely several (even dozens) more that the body will use when available.  Most of the 83 trace minerals found in Himalayan salt are extremely rare (if not impossible) to find in food.  Because Himalayan salt is mined from 200 million-year-old sea beds, it is completely free of the heavy metals and other toxins that show up in sea salts harvested from today's oceans”.

So now you know the truth about salt and why salt is important for proper functioning of the body and for treating adrenal fatigue.

Learn about the 5 benefits of Himalayan salt to restore adrenal health HERE.

Now I would love to hear from you. Have you experimented with different types of salt for treating adrenal fatigue? If so have you noticed benefits? What is your biggest question about salt? This is a healing community and your comments or questions could be just what someone else needs to hear or know. So take a moment to drop us a line below.



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