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Got Sleep Issues? Stop Doing This.

Got Sleep Issues? Stop Doing This.

Sleep issues and insomnia are prominent issues for those with adrenal dysfunction or HPA dysregulation.

When it comes to improving our sleep, it’s obvious we want to notice results quickly (overnight if you will), but sometimes when we are addressing our hormones and correcting imbalances with the hormone fluctuations in our sleep/wake cycle, the results don’t present themselves this way… especially when using natural supplements and when shifting our habits.

Holidays with Adrenal Fatigue: 5 Tips to Survive and Thrive

Why is it that when we are supposed to be celebrating tradition and spending quality time with family and friends we find ourselves ridiculously busy, stress and on the verge of burnout? The holidays can be a challenging time even for the healthiest of people. When you have adrenal fatigue the added stress that the holiday season brings can lead to major adrenal burnout and flare-ups. Here are 5 secrets to surviving the holidays with adrenal fatigue (and make sure you stay till the end, we want to give you a special holiday gift. It's a lifesaver).

Tip #1 byof

Bring Your Own Food. The holidays are filled with get-togethers focused around food. If you are suffering from food intolerances or allergies as a result of your adrenal fatigue, you most likely have had to give some foods up along the way. If so, you know how frustrating it can be to go to these gatherings. Bringing your own food means that you can still enjoy food and you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out the entire time.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that on my adrenal fatigue healing journey I gave up many foods. Actually, the only thing I never gave up eating is vegetables. I gave up dairy, meat, sugar, gluten, grains, you name it I tried it. Not just for a couple weeks, but for months and sometimes even years at a time. And just for the record I am not suggesting that or believe you need to give up a bunch of foods in order to heal your adrenal fatigue. But I get what you’re going through and that’s why I always bring food with me, wherever I go.

I am not suggesting that or believe you need to give up a bunch of foods in order to heal your adrenal fatigue. But I get what you’re going through. That’s why I always bring food with me, wherever I go.

What are your favorite alternative food choices that you don’t want to live without during the holidays? Do you have a good or funny story about sharing your specialty foods with your loved ones?

Tip #2 Boost Your Immune System

During the holiday we do more traveling to the mall, to the supermarket, to events and get-togethers which all bring opportunities to come into contact with germs and other icky bugs that might be lurking around. And because as adrenal fatigue sufferers we already have compromised immune systems, we might be more susceptible and find ourselves constantly “under the weather” at this time of year.  Not good! Getting sick would put a huge damper on our capacity to celebrate.

Be pro-active about your health this season.  Keep yourself healthy by doing a few things to boost the immune system. Go to sleep just a bit earlier than usual each night. Cut down on the sugar intake when you aren’t out celebrating and (this is one of my favorites) use essential oils to protect yourself. Personally, I use the Doterra Oil called Onguard. This oil can be used internally to support the immune and respiratory system and can also be used externally as a non-toxic cleaner to protect against environmental threats. I use it at the first sign of the sniffles or as a preventive by diffusing it in the house or adding a few drops of distilled water and spraying down germ-infested areas like the airplane seat or grocery cart. I am not saying to walk around being a germaphobe to the point where you create anxiety for yourself or others, but simply being prepared can reduce your risk AND make you feel more in control and empowered.

My other favorite immune boosting ritual is drinking Echinacea tea or taking an Echinacea extract, which you can find at a health food store. Some people like Emergen-C or Airborne which are also great options. What essential vitamins and supplements support your immune system? Make sure you don’t forget to take them.


Tip #3 Don’t Fall Into the Crazy Trap

When everyone around you is running around like a crazy person trying to get everything done it’s easy to feel like that is what you are supposed to do too. Just because our society buys into the belief that this time of year has to be crazy, doesn’t mean that it’s true, or that it has to be true for you—no matter what the people around you are doing.   I am telling you that it is possible to avoid that trap. What if you could be that person in line at the supermarket or at the mall while everyone else is huffing and puffing, saying rude things to the checker or just acting annoyed, who is stays cool, calm and collected? You can be an example of what else is possible. And as Gandhi would say “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Tip # 4 Do Your Shopping Online

We have such a luxury now that didn’t exist even 10 –years-ago where you can pretty much buy anything online that you need. So unless you enjoy being out and about this time of year or you have a great deal of patience consider doing all your shopping this year from the convenience of your own cozy couch. Get yourself a cup of your favorite tea, put on some calming music and shop away.  There are lots of options for online shopping these days—it’s not Amazon or nothing. So if you like to shop small or local, check to see if your favorite physical shops have websites…these days you’d be surprised at how many do!

Tip #5 Emotionally Prepare for Your Loved Ones

No matter how close we are to our loved ones or how much we love seeing them during the holidays, it doesn’t negate the fact that family has the ability to bring up a lot of our old “stuff” including limiting beliefs about ourselves, insecurities, failures, etc.

Prepare yourself emotionally by taking some time before you see them to center yourself. Say positive affirmations to yourself. Remind yourself how amazing you are and that your old choices no longer define who you are. Get plenty of sleep and visualize yourself having positive and loving interactions with these people.

I have just given you 5 easy tips to surviving the holidays with adrenal fatigue.

Now I’d love to hear from you. What things do you do to guarantee more fun and less stress during the holidays? How do you avoid flair up during the holidays? What has been the most helpful piece of information shared here?

Please share this blog with friends, family and/or colleagues you feel could benefit from this information.

All my best,


Avoid Adrenal Burnout & Flare-ups This Holiday Season

What is Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome? - Symptoms and Causes

Have you been experiencing chronic and debilitating fatigue for some time now? Are you’re starting to wonder if something deeper is going on that is causing the fatigue, like adrenal fatigue syndrome? In this fast-paced world we live in, adrenal fatigue syndrome is becoming all too common. It’s estimated that about 80% of people experience this condition at some point in their lives. However, it is often overlooked and misunderstood by the medical community.

What is Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome?

Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome describes a condition in which your adrenal glands are unable to perform their normal function. This is an issue because the adrenal glands have a very important job. They are in charge of producing over 5o hormones in response to various stressors ((physical, mental, emotional, chemical) we encounter in our day-to-day living. These hormones come to the rescue keep the body balanced. When the adrenal glands can't pump out enough hormones it leads to a variety of symptoms.

Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue:

  • You’re tired even without having indulged in vigorous activities
  • You sleep 7-8 hours a night, but you wake up exhausted
  • You feel exhausted and weighed down by your responsibilities
  • Recovery from an illness or a stressful situation takes longer than it should
  • You seem to have the most energy after 6:00pm and feel like the day has just begun
  • You can’t seem to digest certain foods although you have never had food allergies before
  • You have a tendency to gain weight and/or have a tough time losing it
  • You have a reduced sex drive
  • You get lightheaded when you get up quickly
  • You often have cravings for salty food
  • You have numbness in your fingers
  • You have Low blood pressure
  • You have frequent urination
  • You have Poor circulation
  • You suffer from Allergies and asthma and maybe you haven’t ever had them before
  • You have a poor immune system, you’re getting sick all the time

How do the adrenals get fatigued in the first place?

The Causes of Adrenal Fatigue

1. Problems in the workplace like a demanding boss, long work hours, or even uncooperative colleagues

2. Death of a family member

3. A difficult Divorce

4. Serious accident

5. Major surgery

6. Financial difficulties

7. Pollution

8. Problematic family situations

9.  Inadequate sleep

10. Overeating

11. Substance abuse

12.  Infections

13. Long illnesses

Again if you have adrenal fatigue, this is not something you want to ignore as it can lead to many long-term health consequences, if left untreated.

Now that you know the adrenal fatigue symptoms and signs, take the Adrenal Fatigue Test.

Now we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.  What is your burning question? What are your biggest symptoms? We are a healing community and your comment could support others on their healing journey. So take a moment to drop us a line below.