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Increase Your Nutrient Absorption with Adrenal Fatigue

Ever wonder why you eat well, but still don’t feel well? Most likely poor nutrient absorption is the culprit. When you have poor nutrient absorption you can’t access the nutrients from your food or supplements. This is an issue because adrenal fatigue happens to be a condition of depletion. You need extra nutrients right now and this nourishment is essential for recovery. So if you want to stop wasting your money on expensive foods and supplements, that you aren't benefiting from, you need to understand this. Poor nutrient absorption is a result of poor gut health. How does our gut health become poor? There are several reasons why and we want to share those with you now.

You must rule out these issues or address them, to heal your adrenal fatigue. So here we go:

1. Poor Digestion

Do you have poor digestion? Why is digestion such an issue for adrenal fatigue sufferers? Here's why. When we are in a stressed our bodies actually push blood and energy to the muscles in our arms and legs to fight or flee. That doesn’t leave much energy for digestion. For tips on improving digestion naturally check out this vlog.

Years of poor digestion harms the walls of the gastrointestinal tract. This leads to poor gut health.

2. Leaky Gut

Leaky gut is a condition that occurs when the lining of the intestines becomes permeable. Bacteria, toxins, incomplete digested proteins & fats, "leak" out of the intestines and into the blood stream. When these substances "leak" out into the bloodstream this triggers an autoimmune reaction. This leads to a myriad of gastrointestinal problems such as bloating, excessive gas and cramps, fatigue, food sensitivities, joint pain, skin rashes, and autoimmunity. Learn more about Leaky Gut here...

3. Dysbiosis

Dysbiosis is a condition in the digestive tract. The most common contributing factors are parasites or candida overgrowth. Do you wonder if  you might have a parasite?

Have you done a lot of international travel? Have you been suffering from chronic digestive symptoms since then? I don't recommend trying to treat parasites without testing.  The test I recommend is a comprehensive parasitology and stool analysis x3.

As for Candida, Candida lives naturally in your intestines but when it overproduces it can lead to dysbiosis and leaky gut. Candida overgrowth can be the reason for intense cravings for sweets, chronic allergies, white coating on the tongue, brain fog, hormone imbalance, and so much more.

Well there you go, now you know what is keeping you from absorbing nutrients critical to your healing, poor gut health. And you know the 3 causes of poor gut health. To improve nutrient absorption and heal your adrenal fatigue, you need to rule out or address these 3 causes;  poor digestion, leaky gut and dysbiosis.

Now we’d love to hear from you in the comments below. What do you believe is standing in your way of absorbing nutrients? Have you been told you have leaky gut, a parasite, dysbiosis? What remedies have you tried? Or share some advice about how you’ve dealt with these obstacles. We are a healing community and your share will support others on their healing journey. So take a moment to drop us a line below.

Dr. Holly German

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