Got Sleep Issues? Stop Doing This.

Sleep issues and insomnia are prominent issues for those with adrenal dysfunction or HPA dysregulation.

Waking up throughout the night is common and it can be hard to fall back asleep.
It’s easy in those moments to feel frustrated..especially because we often know how difficult these sleep disruptions can make the following morning.

When it comes to improving our sleep, it’s obvious we want to notice results quickly (overnight if you will), but sometimes when we are addressing our hormones and correcting imbalances with the hormone fluctuations in our sleep/wake cycle, the results don’t present themselves this way… especially when using natural supplements and when shifting our habits.

For this reason, I recommend tracking things in an objective way— so that you can actually SEE and CELEBRATE the small improvements. So often, I see people jumping ship on supplements or bedtime habits they are trying because they aren’t seeing results fast enough. When you check in regularly and take note of the subtle changes, it can help encourage you to press on with the natural solutions.

Grab our free objective sleep journal here (plus a bonus bedtime activity to help you sleep like a baby)

The success and results we get are often the cumulative sum of our habits, but I often see this one bad habit sabotaging our efforts on all levels.

.. can you guess what it is?
**hint — it has to do with your phone


Yes, friend. Oogling your phone before bed and in the night if you can’t sleep is sabotaging your sleep (and your health).

Our brains need time to relax and wind down to prepare our body for sleep. Our brains need to distinguish the difference between day time and night time, unfortunately— the light from our phones can trick our brains into thinking it’s still day time and we need to remain alert.

Whether you’re reading e-mails, scrolling through social media or watching videos, I want to ask you if what you if it’s worth it? ESPECIALLY, if you struggle with insomnia.

For many of us, it’s an addiction we need to break.

I find a helpful way to start is setting a firm boundary.
I use my phone as an alarm clock” — this is the number one reason I hear people using justifying why they keep their phones beside their bed. If this is the case for you, I recommend buying an “old school” alarm clock and keeping your phone in a completely separate room after a certain hour in the night can be a good way to start.

If you have work to do late into the evening, I recommend investing in some blue glasses to help protect your eyes and support a regular sleep/wake cycle—- because as we know—when we have adrenal issues, this cycle is often times already dealing with some irregularities.

Sorry for tough love, but I SEE how impactful this can be… and I just want the best for you. :)

Let me know in the comments below if this is an issue for you— what are you going to about it, starting tonight!?