3 Common Habits Exhausting Your Adrenals - the less obvious things

If you’ve been suffering from adrenal fatigue for some time now, most likely you’ve been working hard to change some old habits so you can recover, right?

You’ve given up coffee. You’ve eliminated common allergens. You’re going to bed earlier.

Today, I’m not talking about these more common (or obvious) things.

Rather, I’m talking about habits around your stress patterns. Because you could be doing all the “right” things in ALL the other areas (food, supplements, sleep…) but if you’re not learning how to cope with stress, you’re honestly cancelling out ALL your efforts everywhere else.

For example, you could be eating all the right foods and doing all the right things to keep your blood sugar balanced, but daily stress is going to make your blood sugar spike just like that cake or processed foods you’ve been avoiding for months. It’s called stress-induced blood sugar rise.

So, don’t let your efforts go to waste. Let’s make sure you kick these 3 common habits exhausting your adrenals, to the curb for good, starting today! Sound good?

Here are the 3 common habits exhausting your adrenals:

Habit #1: Rushing Through Your Day

Are you kinda obsessed with getting things done? With being really efficient? In our society speed is rewarded right? We often like to see how much we can cram into one day. We are so focused on DOING that even taking a few minutes of meditation can seem like a “waste” of time, as it will break our productive flow.

But, is your rushing around actually giving you extra time? Does it help you do things better? Or is rushing around just stressing you out, not making you fully PRESENT in your life and hurting your body?

What happens when you’re stressed. For many of  us, we slouch over the computer or the sink, clench our jaws, we bite our nails and tense up a lot of different muscle groups.

And is your stress and your rushing negatively affecting the people around you?

So when I become aware of my rushing I like to ask myself, “why am I rushing”? Do I really need to be rushing? Am I rushing so I can actually do something truly worth doing? Or just to watch TV or skim social media? Or is this rushing just a habit?


Do This Instead of Rushing

  1. When you become aware that you’re rushing don’t judge yourself, just notice.

  2. Ask “what would it take for me to learn to slow down?”

  3. Take 3 deep breaths

  4. Focus fully on the task at hand, being present with the experience the smells, the sight, the sounds, the touch

  5. Think of one thing you are grateful for in that moment


Habit #2: Being a control freak

Many of us who suffer from adrenal fatigue fall under an A-type personality. But even if you’re not A-type, you still most likely are guilty of wanting to control things.

Here are signs you might be a control freak:

  1. You have a hard time delegating tasks to others

  2. You’re a perfectionist

  3. You’re moody

  4. You judge other’s behaviors or choices

  5. You like to micromanage others

  6. You get irritable or angry easily

If these sound familiar, you might want to consider learning how to let go of some of that control. Why? Wanting to control everything...

  1. Takes a toll on your mental health

  2. Wastes a lot of your precious energy and time

  3. Exhausts you adrenals

Habit #3: Worrying about everything

Do you worry too often what other people think? Do you spend a lot of time imagining catastrophic outcomes? Do you go to worse case scenario often?


According to WebMD, excessive worrying can lead to all sorts of health issues, including headaches, nausea, muscle aches, shortness of breath, depression and even heart attacks.

If this is you, then I’m here to give you a little bit of tough love.

You’re putting your energy in the wrong places.

There might be something underneath the worry that you need to look at, but that’s another blog for another day.

Sometimes, instead of trying to prevent the storm from coming, we need to prepare yourselves for the storm. What if you believed you could handle any storm?

Sometimes I like to even go to worse case scenario. I have cancer and I die. I know, harsh and not a fun thought. But, that is part of life and I find it to be a good exercise. It reminds me that whatever happens, I will be okay. I surrender and trust the process, the universe, the forces at be.

You can incorporate mantras like these:

I can handle whatever life throws at me with grace.

The universe has my back.

I am safe. I am protected always.


So we’ve discussed 3 daily habits making (or keeping) us sick. I’ve shared some tips and tools for creating new habits. Let’s talk a bit more about that, shall we?

How to Let Go Of These 3 Daily Habits To Rock Your Recovery

  1. The first step to letting go of these draining habits is to be aware you’re doing them. And do this without judgement. Even chuckle at yourself.

  2. Honor what comes up when you become aware of the behavior.  

  3. See what’s underneath the control without making it so significant. This might be a good time to get out the old journal and do a little processing

  4. Ask yourself HONESTLY, “Am I ready to let go of this habit?”

  5. If you’re ready, then ask “what would it take to let go of this _____(rushing, control, worrying).

  6. Practice meditation to release the need to rush, to control everything and to worry. In, Chaos 2 Calm, my meditation album I offer 10 powerful meditations to help you do just that. Ready to start trusting yourself and the universe?

It’s important to be compassionate with yourself. We all are guilty of these habits at one time or another. What matters is your willingness to change it. I honor you for doing this work so you can have greater health, you deserve it.

I’m proud of you for getting real with yourself, aren’t you?

Love, Angela

Got Sleep Issues? Stop Doing This.

Got Sleep Issues? Stop Doing This.

Sleep issues and insomnia are prominent issues for those with adrenal dysfunction or HPA dysregulation.

When it comes to improving our sleep, it’s obvious we want to notice results quickly (overnight if you will), but sometimes when we are addressing our hormones and correcting imbalances with the hormone fluctuations in our sleep/wake cycle, the results don’t present themselves this way… especially when using natural supplements and when shifting our habits.


Do you feel overwhelmed with all the things you feel you need to do on your recovery journey?

This has been coming up A LOT this week with a handful of our clients. They are SO ready to recover, that they’re diving in head-first with our recovery programs - wanting to implement all the things, like yesterday ;).

Or some are having a few great days and then back down again. They are annoyed, confused and discouraged!!

If you can relate, read on because today I’m going to give you some tips and tricks so you don’t get trapped in the mentality that you have to DO so much, all at once. Let’s keep you out of a state of overwhelm and moving forwards, not back. Sound good?

**With that said, I am proud of each of you for all the efforts you are making. However, I do want to indicate something VERY important, so you can actually recover.**

For many of us, over-doing is what got us here (in adrenal fatigue or related) in the first place. You’re most likely REALLY GOOD at doing a LOT, am I right? (my hand is up).

The universe is screaming loud and clear to me, as a coach, telling me this is the perfect topic for today.

(By the way, something I STILL have to remind myself of every day)

Is it WHAT we do, or HOW we do it?

Or as Lou Holtz and Lena Horne put it….It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.

It’s a good topic to bring to the table. I don’t know the answer for you, but for me it’s been a little of both.

If what you’re doing right now isn’t working for you and your body - consider these….


(Let's focus on the HOW we do things, as well as the WHAT, shall we?) #7 is the most important, so don’t miss it!


When you’re doing all the things, are you rushing? Do you feel you’re always racing against the clock? What if you still did all the things that you feel you NEEDED to do every day, but you slowed it WAY down? How would that contribute to your body?

If you’re guilty, like me of rushing even when you don’t need to, practice these 3 things: 1) ask yourself when you’re feeling rushed“do I need to be rushing?” most often I find that I don’t need to be. 2) Take a deep breath 3) Ground through your feet.

Start practicing moving slower? Like literally walk slower, brush your teeth slower…What if you did the dishes with more attention and focus, just being in the moment?

What if slowing down is exactly what your body, God or the universe has been suggesting all this time?

What if you did less not because you are bedridden, burnt-out and had no other choice, but from a place of, I’m gonna nurture myself and rest because that’s what my body requires today?

What if slowing down is what’s required for your body to heal? What if doing things that nurtured you was the medicine you required most?

What did that feel like when you read it? Did you tingle? Cool! Was a weight lifted? Awesome!

Did it frankly, piss you off? Okay, good ;)  


If you’re like me, you love to-do lists. So, get in the habit of adding AT LEAST one nurturing activity to your to-do list EVERY SINGLE DAY. For example, a bath a walk in nature, a foot massage, listening to music, going to a coffee shop and reading a book.

Sometimes this is hard for people, so here’s a quick exercise. Write down a list of 5 things you would do if you had an entire day to yourself, no obligations, no dishes, no errands, no kids, no dogs, no partner. It might be harder than you think, but if you do it you might be surprised what comes up. Put it on your fridge and start adding those things to your to-do list.


Isn’t life supposed to be fun!!! What would it take to have more fun in YOUR life each day? Commit to having more fun with all the things. And only do things if they feel LIGHT or it BRING YOU JOY. Or make it fun so it DOES bring you joy.

Put your favorite music on when you’re working around the house or commuting. Listen to peaceful music, a meditation or a motivational speaker when you’re doing things that normally bring you stress.

You can ask yourself right when you wake up…What would it take for me to have more fun today?


When you have a day full of things to do, commit to listening to your body. Schedule in breaks using reminders/alarms on your phone. This way you can check in with yourself and listen to the warning signs of pushing yourself too far, before it’s too late. Avoid the crash or taking 2 steps back.


How often do you give yourself a recovery day? Especially after a big day? What if you planned ahead a bit more and when you knew you were going to have a big day, make the next day a YOU day and more importantly don’t have any judgement about it. Enjoy it! Yes, you might feel tired, but that’s okay. Fill it with things that nourish and nurture you.


If you have a hard time saying no or asking for what you want or need from a co-worker, boss, partner, child, this is one of my favorite lines. “Sorry that doesn’t work for me.” You can say this many ways, but if you say it calmly and in a way that honors you and the other person, it should go over fairly well.


It’s easy for us to be on autopilot, just go through the motions each day, thinking the same thoughts as we did the day before, repeating the same habits and expecting a different result. But as Einstein says, that’s the definition of insanity!

When you are doing all the things, what’s your mentality? Are you resentful, angry? Are you trying to prove something? If so, notice that and practice changing it.

Most of us who suffer from adrenal fatigue feel like we need to do it all and do it well to feel worthy. And most often HOW we’re doing things, our attitude is what’s breaking us down.


When I talk about shifting mindset, what often comes up for people is that they feel like they’re faking it when they try to shift their thoughts. Yes, the common affirmation such as “I’m happy, life is so good!” doesn’t work for most.

It’s not about faking it and pretending you’re happy. Instead it’s about bringing your attention to something you CAN be happy about. See the difference?

Your bed, your partner, your dog, the grass, the weather….whatever you can find OR

Or ask a question that gets you out of your current funk.

Ask a question that creates a new possibility and gets you out of the conclusion that you’ve made. For example:  “what would it take for me to have more awareness of what my body is trying to tell me here.” or “Body what do you require to have more ease or more energy...?”

In case you’re new to me, here are my key steps to mindset shifting… When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about life, your body, your symptoms:

1) Acknowledge it, staying out of judgment

2) Honor it by saying “Okay, I’m feeling ______!”

3) Make a choice either to stay in it or get out of it (you always have a choice)

4) If you want to get OUT of it… Then do the above, think of something to be happy about or something you’re grateful for or ask a question

It works, if you try it. You know why I know it works, because I’m human just like you and I too have things that challenge me, in my body, as a parent, my job, my finances. And, I’ve tried many of the healing modalities out there, from yoga, to meditation, to tapping, to reiki, to acupuncture, you name it I’ve tried it, I guarantee. And I’ve been using these techniques with my clients for years and I know what works.

But it only works if….



***YOU’RE ACTUALLY READY TO CHANGE  (are you okay with changing a bit of who you are currently).

WARNING: Brutal honesty moment.. Even though we say we want to change, deep down many of us don’t because somehow what we’ve created is working for us. It’s serving us or served a need in the past. And changing takes work, it takes stepping up. It takes courage. It’s takes being a bit different than maybe people around you. Are you used to complaining. Is everyone around you doing the same thing? Faking their happiness going through the motions? What if you’ve done that (yes, me for decades) and you’re ready to change that about yourself. It’s okay you can change it. Everyday is a new day. We weren’t meant to be so stagnant as human beings. Let’s evolve. We are supposed to grow and change! Don’t be afraid of it!  

So, I’m curious are you actually ready to change your mind, your attitude? like, really? If yes, awesome. If not, that’s totally cool too…. At least now you know.

If you’re super pissed off or annoyed, I get it. I’m a coach, coaches don’t help people create change and heal by being nice ;)


Are you feeling you could change your HOW? If so, what does that look like?

A Quick Morning Routine for Burnt-Out People

A Quick Morning Routine for Burnt-Out People

When you have adrenal issues, capitalizing on a blissful, yoga filled morning routine sounds nice in theory, but can be hard to implement. Mornings are far and wide, one of the hardest points in the day for those struggling with adrenal issues. If you can relate, this morning routine can be completed in under 10 minutes and is one that will nourish you up and put you in the right headspace, while letting you capitalize on extra sleep and minimal energy expenditure.

WHY YOUR GUT HEALING STRATEGY ISN’T WORKING - 3 Common Misconceptions & 3 Great Solutions

We’ve been getting email after email from our community and question after question popping up in our membership group from people struggling with gut issues. They are experiencing symptoms like bloating, constipation, acid reflux, food sensitivities, blood sugar issues and so much more.

And the sad thing is, many have eliminated so much already, so restricted in their diet (some down to just meat and vegetables) and they still haven’t seen much progress. They don’t know where to go next.

It’s so unbelievably frustrating isn’t it? You put so much effort in for what feels like nothing in return.

So today, I’m going to share 3 common misconceptions that people have about digestion and gut issues and offer 3 proven solutions.



Probiotics have been all the buzz lately, which is understandable. Probiotics make perfect sense to help your gut flora, right? Our guts need more support than ever. They are getting quite the workout these days.

1) Our diets consist of so many different ingredients and types of foods

2) Many of us take (or have history of) antibiotics, killing all the bacteria in the gut, good and bad

3) Many of us take (or have history of ) NSAIDs, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and Aleve for the aches and pains

4) There are plenty of chemicals in our food, air, and water

5) Lack of nutrients in the soil or people not eating from the soil at all

All these factors affect our gut flora. The gut flora is the environment inside our gut made up by trillions of microorganisms.

Probiotics are something that can certainly help with creating a healthy gut flora (in some situations) but they aren’t always the answer or the end-all. Too many people jump to probiotics because it’s easy to pop a pill. (not always easy on the pocket book though).

What you need to know is probiotics can - not only be a waste of money if you have deeper gut issues going on, but they can actually be detrimental too, particularly if you have Intestinal Permeability aka Leaky Gut or Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO)

In these cases, there is some balancing/repairing that we recommend happen first before throwing probiotics into the mix, this is why adding probiotic supplements are one of the last steps of our 5-step gut healing protocol. These are taken once you’ve taken measures to address issues like SIBO and repair the gut lining.

Probiotics are not just a one sized fits all either. Many issues do better with certain strains in certain doses. Quality products can be quite expensive and it is not uncommon to see people throwing their money into cheap products when they could be investing in something better that is more likely to help get them the results they’re looking for. We recommend you get advice from a professional if probiotics are best for you at this particular stage of your gut healing and let them give you some suggestions on the best one for your condition.


Yes, eliminating common allergens like dairy, gluten, eggs, nuts and soy is a popular step in the adrenal recovery process for many and we’ve given this advice to many of our clients. In many cases, eliminating common allergens like these can be helpful and even transformative for some. However, we find with many of our clients they find themselves at a sticking point where their diet is limited and they are still struggling with symptoms— they feel stuck.

In these cases, the root of the problem must be addressed. Eliminating these problem foods is just the first step in a deeper exploration and trial and error process for gut healing.. but it doesn’t STOP there.

We believe getting testing or having a professional analyze your situation to determine which gut issues you are most likely dealing with (different gut issues listed below). Getting this clarity first will save you money, time and a bit more sanity. There will always be a bit of trial and error involved, but working with a professional will help you streamline the process…and your dollars.

For many it takes time and a more thorough protocol that lasts about 2-3 months to get to the deeper issue and heal the gut.


We know these short cleanses are popular these days and seem a bit more doable, right?

They can help the body a bit depending on what you’re struggling with. However, for most a week long juice or gut cleanse is not an adequate gut repairing protocol and won’t have lasting results. Why, because most likely the wear and tear on the gut has been years in the making and it will take some time.

For example if you have a parasite, you will need longer than a week or two to kill those bugs.

So if you’ve been approaching gut healing from any of these angles only…

  • Taking Probiotics

  • Eliminating so many common allergens without understanding the root issue

  • Not following an extensive gut healing protocol

...and you haven’t had much improvement, you’re not doing anything wrong. It just means you haven’t quite got to the root of it all. Don’t worry because it hasn’t all been a waste of your time and energy. This process takes a lot of trial and error and it just means you’re closer to figuring this all out. Yay!!!

So, to wrap this up here are 3 solutions to take your gut healing to the next level and support great digestion.


Before you stress yourself out by doing too much, get clarity on the very root of the symptoms with the help of a professional.

There could be other things going on besides a basic gut imbalance issue like; mineral or nutrient deficiency, gut infections, heavy metal toxicity or fungal or bacterial overgrowth. The symptoms of these conditions can often look very similar to adrenal, hormone and other gut related issues and you want support to figure it all out.

Here are the various gut related conditions people are commonly dealing with:

    1. Leaky gut

    2. Fungal overgrowth, Candida

    3. Dysbiosis

    4. Parasites

    5. Bacterial overgrowth, SIBO

    6. Food allergies

The recovery approach you take will be slightly different for each of these conditions so that’s why you want to work with a professional and/or get tested. They can get clarity based on your symptoms or get further confirmation through testing.  


Many of the gut related symptoms we experience are because we don’t have enough stomach acid (HCL) or digestive enzymes in our gut. These acids and enzymes break down the fats, proteins and carbs in food, properly.

When the body can’t break down our foods properly that’s when we experience all the symptoms and reactions like irregular bowel movements, constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, acid flux and more.

Adding digestive enzymes help you tolerate more foods and stop the ongoing stress happening every time you eat, meaning less inflammation, which allows more healing to occur.

Just like probiotics, it’s important that you get a quality formula and do a little trial and error to get the right dosage.

If you can’t afford digestive enzymes, you can see if taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a bit of water before a meal helps you. It has been known to do the trick for many.

When taken at the beginning of a meal, enzymes help ensures that foods are fully digested. This decreases the chance that partially digested foods particles and proteins are damaging your gut wall. They also help to relieve digestive discomfort like bloating and gas.

A few of our favorite brand suggestions are Digestive Enzymes SAP by NFH or BioGest by Thorne


Don’t expect everything to change overnight. Follow a proven system for ATLEAST 6 weeks and see the process through until you get the results you seek.