Intermittent Fasting and Adrenal Fatigue

Intermittent Fasting and Adrenal Fatigue

We get asked questions about fasting and adrenal fatigue all the time.
Is it safe? Will it help us recover? What about my blood sugar issues?

On today’s blog we are sharing our thoughts on time restricted eating or intermittent fasting and how to do it effectively so that it supports your adrenal fatigue recovery instead of doing the opposite.

You can’t balance your hormones, if you won’t balance your life. But is balance even possible?

You can’t balance your hormones, if you won’t balance your life. We find ourselves saying a version of this to our clients almost every day.

But is balance even possible?

The truth is, for most of us, our hormones didn’t just one day poop out on us. Our bodies are way too resilient for that. This imbalance was created over time. Years or decades of too much stress, not enough play, poor sleep habits, etc.

I was totally guilty and honestly I’m still striving to create more and more balance in my life. Every!  Single! Day! It’s a practice. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it will change your life and your body in a powerful way, if you let it.

I only know one person who has created TRUE BALANCE in their life. I think that’s actually a lot. It’s so rare these days.

I don’t know about you, but I was never taught this. And society definitely doesn’t foster balance either. Instead, we are taught…

No pain, no gain!

Sleep when you’re dead!

Hard work pays off!  But does it or does it leave you exhausted, sick, burn-out and unhappy?

What if laughing and joy was actually the KEY?

So, what is a balanced life? And is it actually possible to create?

I believe a balanced life is totally possible? If you’re skeptical, can you at least admit you probably could take care of YOU, on the inside, a bit more right now…am I right?

How would your life be different if you if...

  • You laughed as much as you cried?

  • You felt joy as much as sadness?

  • You trusted yourself/the universe/higher power as much as you worried about things?

  • You played as much as you worked?

  • You smiled as much as you were angry or frustrated?

Balance will look different for Every. Single. Person.

I want to help you make A BALANCED LIFE easy to create.

So let me backup a minute…

What is a balanced life anyways?

I like to define a balanced life as... taking care of yourself equally on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

So let’s break it down.

Physical Balance

This includes the basic routines you most likely already have in place such as

  1. Good hygiene

  2. Eating well

  3. Moving the body

  4. Getting quality sleep

But also includes routines for

5. Nourishing your body (which tend to be forgotten)

Start honoring your amazing body and fill it up daily.

This might be a weekly massage or body work, but there are many other ways you can do these nourishing practices for free. Here are some of my daily nurturing faves…

loofa massage.jpg
  1. Epsom salt baths

  2. Coconut oil self-massage to move lymph (morning time)

  3. Oil pulling

Check out a few more including thymus thump, ear massage, and third eye gaze.

Mental Balance

How we choose to interact with ourselves, all day, everyday should not be underestimated. It’s the difference between us feeling fulfilled, healthy,  happy vs. empty, alone, sick, and tired.

As a mindset teacher I talk about this a lot. So what would mental balance look like and how do you create more of it.

For me, true mental balance would be staying as much in the present moment, as possible. Not running my life on autopilot, the thoughts of my past as well as worrying about the future.

The first step is the awareness. Being aware that your thoughts create your reality, not the other way around. Your negative, limiting and sabotaging thoughts that you’ve been functioning from day after day for maybe your whole life, are creating the life you live right now.

So if you want transformation it has to start with your mind. I repeat. If you want transformation in your body, if you want to heal it has to start in your mind. If you’re not willing to change your constant worrying or thinking negatively about people or yourself or everything, being sarcastic and pessimistic, nothing will change.  

Emotional Balance

Your hormones and your emotions are connected. Your internal emotions have a direct impact on your health. If you are not honoring your emotions on a daily basis or holding onto old stuff/grudges and/or haven’t grieved a loss (of any kind) in a healthy way, it will affect your physical health.

If you are feeling stressed, angry, anxious, or fear, you need to make personal reflection and emotional release a part of your daily routine.

My favorite practices for self reflection and honoring emotions are…

  1. Journaling

Doing daily self check-ins through the practice of journaling is a great way to get real with how you’re feeling on a regular basis and process it in a healthy way.

When you feel an emotion good or bad, don’t ignore it, look at it. If it’s happy, enjoy it, be grateful for it. If it’s heavy, intense, negative, is it something you can let go of? What can you do to shift it? Is there someone you can forgive, no matter how hard it might be? Can you do something to lessen the intensity? Does that emotion or situation have to keep running your life?

2. Meditation and Prayer

I talk more about this in the next section.

Spiritual Balance

I want to define spirituality for a moment. The definition I found was being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. And honestly that looks different for every single person on this planet. It’s such a personal thing.

For me it is connecting with something greater than myself, that includes me, that IS ME.

A connection to my truest self and what I’m meant to contribute to the world. This focus can be a great thing when life gets hard.

For some it’s religion, for some it is not.

This is what this looks like for me.

  1. a Meditation practice Learn more here

2. Prayer

Prayer can be with meditation or separate….learn how to use the power of prayer for healing

In conclusion

Creating more balance in your life is crucial for balancing your hormones. And yes, sometimes it feels like these practices are just one more thing to add to your to-do list. But, I’m not asking you to do all the things, right away. As I always say, the success is in the baby steps. But you have to start somewhere. So incorporate one new practice this month that sounds fun, intriguing and see how it goes. And next month, try another. See what sticks.

These practices will begin to nourish you from the inside. They will allow you to feel like the king or queen of your world. And when you feel full, honored and that you are enough… you will create more ease in your world and in your body. You will treat yourself better and others. And most importantly you will be happier and healthier too!

After awhile you will notice how these practices make you feel inside and you won’t want to live without them. When you know your worth, you realize you’re worth it, it makes it easier to create space for more balance in your life.

Lots of love,


Supplement Hacks for Common Adrenal Fatigue Complaints

Supplement Hacks for Common Adrenal Fatigue Complaints

Some of the symptoms are often so common that we come to see them as normal— fatigue, feeling tired in the morning, anxiety, sleep issues, etc. While others are less common and a bit more worrying.

Today, I want to address some of the most common complaints we hear about in our Adrenal Fatigue Community on Facebook and give you a few supplement tips that you can use to help with them.

My 3 Weirdest Daily Rituals To Keep My Hormones Balanced & Adrenals Happy

Today I’m giving you a peek into a few of my daily rituals. Today I’m sharing ones that keep my hormones balanced and adrenals happy. I’m warning you, they might seem pretty weird.

If you have been following us for a while now, it’s no surprise. If you’re new to me/us, I practice and share out-of-the-box tips and tricks to heal the body. I pull from Ayurvedic medicine from India and Acupuncture from China. From my point of view, this is the real, traditional medicine.

Identifying and treating the root cause rather than the symptom, just makes WAY more sense to me. That’s just me, no judgement. We all have to do what works for us, 100%.

All medicine has its place. Modern medicine saved my husband after a bad biking accident, so ya know, there is that.

Well, I digress. So I was talking about rituals. My rituals.

So why rituals? As a Certified Health Coach for the past 10 years I know that…

Having the life, the body and the health you desire is all about rituals or daily routines. Doing things consistently each day is the SECRET!

Daily rituals that support your 1) mental, 2) emotional, 3) physical and 4) spiritual health. And if you neglect one area, you will most likely experience complications at some point.

So ready to learn a few of my rituals? Particularly my rituals to support your hormones and adrenals? Here they are:

3 Weirdest Daily Rituals to Keep My Hormones Balanced and My Adrenals Happy

Daily Ritual #1: Activate the Thymus with the Thymus Thump

The thymus is a little gland located behind the sternum. Although it’s small and not often talked about, it has a big job. It produces T-cells. What are T-cells exactly and what do they do for us?

T-cells are a type of white blood cell made for the immune system. They help us better fight infection, heal faster, create more calm in our bodies, boost our energy and protect us against autoimmune diseases.

If you suffer from adrenal fatigue most likely you're dealing with a poor immune system, autoimmune conditions and infections. So giving your thymus gland some attention each day, could be very powerful in your recovery.

Like all organs, our glands do their job without us thinking about it. So why do we need to activate this gland? Well it’s said that around puberty our thymus function is at its peak and after that starts to work less effectively.

Is that why we start to get sick more often and problems start to arise in our 20s and early 30s? Well, it’s an interesting connection or theory, but that’s not what we are focusing on today.

How do we keep this gland working optimally as we get older? We just need to give it a bit of love and attention. And that’s why I love (and do everyday) the thymus thump.

Ritual #1 Thymus Thump Exercise

Click here to watch my YouTube video on how to do the Thymus Thump

Daily Ritual #2: Gaze up at Your Third Eye

I learned this in my early yoga and meditation days. It was an exercise I did at the start of my yoga practice. Although simple, it seemed to create a powerful shift in my mental state, that was hard to explain.

What is the third eye all about? The third eye, or the space between the eyebrows, is what’s known as a chakra. A chakra is a center in the human body for spiritual power.

In ancient traditions from India, they say when you gaze up at the third eye you are activating the pituitary gland. The pituitary is the master gland of the body controlling the entire glandular system. This includes the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenals, pancreas and reproductive organs.

The Pituitary glands secretes hormones that affect growth, blood pressure, metabolism, reproduction, digestion and so much more.

So you can see why it’s an important gland to know and activate to heal your body holistically, right? Especially from hormone-related conditions like adrenal fatigue?

On a more spiritual plane, the third eye is the doorway to our intuitive wisdom. So I like to think about it like this...our 2 eye show us the physical, tangible world and objects. Our third eye helps us see the unseen, our inner knowing.

I know it’s a bit deep and woo-woo, but that’s me. I have many of my first-time meditators try this practice. Most all of them report and admit to feel a shift of some sort and a calming effect. And the best part, it only takes a minute to practice.

Ritual #2 Third Eye Gazing Exercise

So go ahead and try it. Here’s what you will do…

  1. Close your eyes

  2. Gaze IN and UP between your eyebrows, your 3rd eye space

  3. As you gaze, take 5 deep inhales and exhales

  4. After the 5 cycles of breath, notice how you feel

Daily Ritual #3: Ear Massage

Do you know a child who tugs or plays with their ear/s or someone else’s? This is pretty common, actually. Why? Well, tugging, pulling or massaging the ear can create a sense of calm or relaxation for the individual.

Massage is a common practice used to relieve stress and anxiety. However, one doesn’t often think of the ears, as area of stress.

In fact, the ears have a great number of nerve endings and have powerful acupressure points? It’s so powerful, ear massage has an actual name, it’s called auriculotherapy.

When these areas are massaged and activated it can have great benefits for the entire body.

The benefits of ear massage/reflexology

-Releases positive endorphins giving you a feeling of happiness

-Boosts the immune system from awakening the senses

-Energizes the body

-Improves concentration

-Creates a sense of calm

This practice takes about 30-60 seconds and can have a powerful and positive effect on the body.

Ritual #3 Ear Massage Exercise

Grab your favorite body oil or lotion, coconut, olive oil, jojoba, etc. and start at the top of the ear and massage slowly all the way down the ear to the earlobe. Massage all the different parts, inside and outside. Enjoy!

In Conclusion

What if having great health didn’t have to be so hard? What if it’s about giving our bodies just a bit more positive attention and care on a daily basis?

Let’s not lose this traditional healing wisdom that teaches us that we can keep our bodies healthy and disease-free with simple and quick daily practices, attention and awareness.

Which ritual are you most excited to try and why?

Love, Angela

3 Common Habits Exhausting Your Adrenals - the less obvious things

If you’ve been suffering from adrenal fatigue for some time now, most likely you’ve been working hard to change some old habits so you can recover, right?

You’ve given up coffee. You’ve eliminated common allergens. You’re going to bed earlier.

Today, I’m not talking about these more common (or obvious) things.

Rather, I’m talking about habits around your stress patterns. Because you could be doing all the “right” things in ALL the other areas (food, supplements, sleep…) but if you’re not learning how to cope with stress, you’re honestly cancelling out ALL your efforts everywhere else.

For example, you could be eating all the right foods and doing all the right things to keep your blood sugar balanced, but daily stress is going to make your blood sugar spike just like that cake or processed foods you’ve been avoiding for months. It’s called stress-induced blood sugar rise.

So, don’t let your efforts go to waste. Let’s make sure you kick these 3 common habits exhausting your adrenals, to the curb for good, starting today! Sound good?

Here are the 3 common habits exhausting your adrenals:

Habit #1: Rushing Through Your Day

Are you kinda obsessed with getting things done? With being really efficient? In our society speed is rewarded right? We often like to see how much we can cram into one day. We are so focused on DOING that even taking a few minutes of meditation can seem like a “waste” of time, as it will break our productive flow.

But, is your rushing around actually giving you extra time? Does it help you do things better? Or is rushing around just stressing you out, not making you fully PRESENT in your life and hurting your body?

What happens when you’re stressed. For many of  us, we slouch over the computer or the sink, clench our jaws, we bite our nails and tense up a lot of different muscle groups.

And is your stress and your rushing negatively affecting the people around you?

So when I become aware of my rushing I like to ask myself, “why am I rushing”? Do I really need to be rushing? Am I rushing so I can actually do something truly worth doing? Or just to watch TV or skim social media? Or is this rushing just a habit?


Do This Instead of Rushing

  1. When you become aware that you’re rushing don’t judge yourself, just notice.

  2. Ask “what would it take for me to learn to slow down?”

  3. Take 3 deep breaths

  4. Focus fully on the task at hand, being present with the experience the smells, the sight, the sounds, the touch

  5. Think of one thing you are grateful for in that moment


Habit #2: Being a control freak

Many of us who suffer from adrenal fatigue fall under an A-type personality. But even if you’re not A-type, you still most likely are guilty of wanting to control things.

Here are signs you might be a control freak:

  1. You have a hard time delegating tasks to others

  2. You’re a perfectionist

  3. You’re moody

  4. You judge other’s behaviors or choices

  5. You like to micromanage others

  6. You get irritable or angry easily

If these sound familiar, you might want to consider learning how to let go of some of that control. Why? Wanting to control everything...

  1. Takes a toll on your mental health

  2. Wastes a lot of your precious energy and time

  3. Exhausts you adrenals

Habit #3: Worrying about everything

Do you worry too often what other people think? Do you spend a lot of time imagining catastrophic outcomes? Do you go to worse case scenario often?


According to WebMD, excessive worrying can lead to all sorts of health issues, including headaches, nausea, muscle aches, shortness of breath, depression and even heart attacks.

If this is you, then I’m here to give you a little bit of tough love.

You’re putting your energy in the wrong places.

There might be something underneath the worry that you need to look at, but that’s another blog for another day.

Sometimes, instead of trying to prevent the storm from coming, we need to prepare yourselves for the storm. What if you believed you could handle any storm?

Sometimes I like to even go to worse case scenario. I have cancer and I die. I know, harsh and not a fun thought. But, that is part of life and I find it to be a good exercise. It reminds me that whatever happens, I will be okay. I surrender and trust the process, the universe, the forces at be.

You can incorporate mantras like these:

I can handle whatever life throws at me with grace.

The universe has my back.

I am safe. I am protected always.


So we’ve discussed 3 daily habits making (or keeping) us sick. I’ve shared some tips and tools for creating new habits. Let’s talk a bit more about that, shall we?

How to Let Go Of These 3 Daily Habits To Rock Your Recovery

  1. The first step to letting go of these draining habits is to be aware you’re doing them. And do this without judgement. Even chuckle at yourself.

  2. Honor what comes up when you become aware of the behavior.  

  3. See what’s underneath the control without making it so significant. This might be a good time to get out the old journal and do a little processing

  4. Ask yourself HONESTLY, “Am I ready to let go of this habit?”

  5. If you’re ready, then ask “what would it take to let go of this _____(rushing, control, worrying).

  6. Practice meditation to release the need to rush, to control everything and to worry. In, Chaos 2 Calm, my meditation album I offer 10 powerful meditations to help you do just that. Ready to start trusting yourself and the universe?

It’s important to be compassionate with yourself. We all are guilty of these habits at one time or another. What matters is your willingness to change it. I honor you for doing this work so you can have greater health, you deserve it.

I’m proud of you for getting real with yourself, aren’t you?

Love, Angela